Who we are

We are a family owned and operated business that was started in 1955 by my grandfather and now I am the Third Generation in the same business. We started out as a small mom and pop grocery store wholesaler. We have grown over the years and now we are  into Fine Cigars.

The Humidor Room

We love our Humidor Room. In the opening I told you a little about our Humidor and now I will contiue telling more about it.

Michael Ayers the owner of Michael's Cigars was the major designer of our Humidor room along with the builder and an engineer. Email Michael Here. They designed a room that would stay at a constant 70 degrees with 70 percent humidity. They did this by having a totally independant humidtifing unit along with a 1 ton heat pump to handle the heating and cooling of the room. They have guaranteed us that the humidity and the temperature will stay within 3 degrees of the required 70/70. So far it has worked perfectly and we are all very proud of the accomplishment. It is a beautiful room and in a few weeks I will post a picture of it here, So Please, check back and give me your comments. 

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