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Colibri Lighters

All Colibri Lighters come with a
1 year factory warranty.

Colibri lighters are Quality!

Qtr-240004   Qtr-240005
The Boss
SST Torch Flameless
Built in Double Guillotine Cutter.
Reg. 89.50  Special Price  79.50

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Ltr-070003    Ltr-070006

The Maestro
Flame Style Lighter with Cutter built into the bottom of the lighter.
Reg. 49.95  Special Price  45.95


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Qtr-210001    Qtr-210004
Quantum  Force V Windjammer
SST Torch Style Lighter

CX Gear  cx-10 Extreme
Quality lighter for all conditions.

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Quantum SST Torch style lighters

Qtr-950003                     Qtr-590008
Reg 125.00   Special 99.95               59.95

Qtr-890001                 Qtr-890002
49.95                       49.95

Qtr-960001         Qtr-710005
 49.95                     45.00

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Electro-Quartz Flame Style Lighters

Ltr-32403               Ltr-32401
29.95 Each

Ltr-32404         Ltr-22602
29.95 Each

Ltr-32302      Ltr-32204
29.95 Each


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Pipe Lighters

Ptr-8802        Ptr-8804
Reg. 37.95  Special  33.95

Smooth Flint Rooler Bar Lighters

Ftr-91802      Ftr-91803
Special  29.95

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All Torch Style Lighters

       Gold Duel Flame w/case
        Reg.  85.00   Special   60.00

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Volcano Lighters

A smokin hot lighter, that heats up to over 2600 degrees.
Wow, That's hot.
Available in Blue, Red, Gray and Black.

Super Deal Price of 15.00

The Diablo

Another really hot torch lighter.
Comes in silver and gun metal finish.

15.00 each

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